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Tips for Studying Chinese (Part 3)

Learn Chinese Songs

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to memorize and recite song lyrics, but whenever its time to cram for an exam, you draw a blank? That's because music is a very powerful tool that involves both the body and the mind. Many of us have caught ourselves dancing while humming a song we didn’t know the words to, but when we make the conscious effort to fully learn the lyrics, we instantly begin singing along. This same process can be used to learn Chinese. Listen to the radio, pick out songs that have a catchy rhythm and make an attempt to learn its lyrics. You will be surprised at how effective this process is to your Chinese comprehension.

Mutual Exchange: Learn Chinese By Teaching A Native Speaker English

While Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, English is also ranked highly, at #3 worldwide.

Just as you are seeking to learn Chinese, there are several students, business people, and everyday citizens seeking to learn English as well.

Not only do you benefit form learning directly from a native speaker, you are also enriching their life through teaching them English.

Mutual education can be the most effective way of learning Chinese.

You are both the student, as well as the teacher, no one is superior to the other.

The Power Of Talking To Yourself And Forming Word Association

While many people scoff at the idea of talking to oneself, it can actually be a powerful learning technique in itself.

Just as Winston Churchill, the great British Prime Minister never gave a speech without first reciting it to himself in front of a mirror, you can effectively use your mirror as a way to perfect your Chinese speaking.

By using a mirror, you get to watch your lips move, fine-tune your voice tonality, as well as calibrate your facial expressions. The process of practicing in front of a mirror can be shift your learning curve.

The Power Of Word Association

Humans are designed to think in pictures.

Take for example the word "car", the very moment you read the word, an image of a car, specifically yours, flashed into the screen of your mind. We use words to give meaning to pictures .

Placing Chinese written label on everyday items can be a tool that helps in creating the mental association between words and pictures, which leads to easy retention as well as mastery.